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    Kinky Models

    This comedy show will give 10 to 15 emerging actors per season and numerous others emerging talents the opportunity to showcase their work.

    B. Buzz Marketing is a comedy about a marketing company. The owner Ms. Bridgé posted one crazy photo of herself on social media and now all of her new clients are out of their mind. She goes almost over night from marketing marketable campaigns to insane, crazy out of this world marketing campaigns.

    One of the biggest obstacles for emerging talent is the opportunity to showcase their talents. The purpose of the short films, reality shows and magazine articles I have executive produced and produced for over 10 years is to expose untouched talents from all walks of life. To help emerging talents get the extra exposure they need to showcase their talents to the world.

    Ms. Bridgé

    wrote, produced, directed, editted, wardrobe stylist, set designs, and executive produced this episode.

    This was Andrea Thomas's first acting experience.

For Further Informations:
Ms. Bridgé
B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing
Email: B.Buzz.Marketing@gmail.com
Website: B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing


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