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Tina Jetter

Q. At what age did you know you wanted to pursue a acting career?
A. My mom got me into it when I was 4 years old. But I would say I officially knew that this is the career for me when I got my first official short film gig. It was awesome! I was about 11/12 and it was a silent short film so I had to make sure to really show how I was feeling with just my face and more importantly my eyes. It's called Taste of June and anybody can see it on Youtube, it was awesome also because the story is about events that lead up to me getting my first kiss and that actually ended up being my first kiss, so I just loved how the director would always make sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It was an amazing experience and that's when I knew that this is what I'm supposed to be doing because that joy I felt that day has never gone away since. But besides acting, I also do writing, filming, directing and even editing! I just try to keep myself well-balanced and always busy in some way, shape or form.

Q. What famous actor or actress influenced this career choice?
A. To be honest, I never looked up to anybody famous growing up. I was just in my own world and I just focused on myself and did what I knew needed to be done to keep on growing, learning and having experiences for the entertainment industry. Would I love to work with anybody famous? Heck yeah! Anybody and everybody, but I feel like I motivated myself and I love that!

Q. What is the biggest obstacle you face being a young black actress?
A. Even though this does not have to do with race, I definitely seem to get profiled a lot, but I know everybody does, for me people usually see me playing either an innocent schoolgirl going through something or somebody that's from the hood. It sucks because sometimes people take one look at a picture of me and don't believe I could play a teacher, or a mother, or a cop even! I just want to break out of the norm and show them that I'm ore than just some damsel in distress. Which is why I love writing, because I get to create any character I want and show just how strong I am.br>
Q. Do you believe acting class is a requirement to make it in this business?
A. I definitely don't. I do believe you should have some type of guidance however. Whether it be a friend, your parent or an acting coach. Whatever you feel works best for you & brings the best out of you. But, there are people out there who are their own coaches and they're amazing actors/actresses. But, I don't believe it's a requirement and to be honest, they're usually just a big waste of money which is why I refuse to go to one. Oh yeah! I'ma also an acting coach myself, and I have helped out some of my friends and they loved the way I taught them but also how I didn't make them pay a fortune. But I will say that whatever works best for you to keep on growing, that you should do it!

Q. What role would you love to play and explain why?
A. Honestly, nowadays I'mw willing to play mostly any role, within reason of course. I mean one of the last roles I've done was in a short film entitled "Candle in the Wind" and I finally got to play a girl who gets kidnapped. It was an amazing experience because he really brought method acting to life! It was very challenging but because of how he approaches it, it really made it seem real for me which definitely made it look all the more better on camera. But, honestly if I get an opportunity to play a role, depending on certain factors, I'm willing to do it with a big smile on my face!

Q. What advice would you give to others thinking of pursuing this career?
A. I always have a positive and a negative side. Hint: This is for everybody not just for actors/actresses. The negative side is: If this is something you're doing for the money or because you want to become famous, then please DON'T DO IT. Here's why. People/Friends/Family member are going to see you act, whether it's a play or on film, and they're going to know that you're not passionate about acting and it's going to be embarrassing for you since it's your face; and on top of that you're going to look back and realize that you not only wasted your time, but also your fellow actors and the crew as well. It's just going to suck for you. Now, here's the positive side: If this is something you're doing because you're passionate about it, something where when you wake up in the morning and think about acting and it puts a big smile on your face knowing you get to go out into the world and keep on going after it, then KEEP PURSUING IT! I've been doing this over 10 years and I still wake up everyday with a huge smile on my face because i know this is EXACTLY what I'm supposed to be doing! So yes, you are going to have a lot of days where you're going to feel discouraged because you'll be going audition after audition and you may not get anything for weeks, months even, but when you feel discouraged, keep going. And yes, you're going to have people who are going to be haters and tell you things like, "Get a real career!" "You suck at acting!" (Sometimes they may be right saying that) or "You'll never make it in that field!" When people tell you things like that just brush them off and keep on moving, because eventually when you're accepting that first Oscar, you can look right at the camera and say, "Who's laughing now?"

Q. Where would you like your career to be 10 years from now?
A. I just want to keep on doing what I love. I like to take things one day at a time and well, I feel like so anythings happens each day, so as long as I'm still doing what I love then I'll be very, very happy.

Ms. Jetter’s long resume includes “The News,” a film about a couple that have to share life changing secrets with each other, a heart tugging film called “Bad Judgments,” for which she wrote and won a best actress award, and “A Sub In The Brick City,” where she played along side Taral Hicks.? “Am I Crazy,” about schizophrenia and manipulation, is her most dramatic work.

Upcoming works include a movie called “Supposition” to be released o?n? December 14th, two indie films called “Candles in the Wind” by ?Mo ?Woods and “North Housing Authority,” and “Friends of Rome.”

As a young, black woman, Jetter created a brand on her own terms which has created a multitude of opportunities in a sometimes polarized film business. She has received many accolades including various awards for screenwriting and acting and also has been featured in CinéWomen and several media outlets.

About Tina Jetter
At the age of four, Tina Jetter started acting. Years of experience translated Tina Jetter into becoming a young, prolific writer in the age of independent producing. As an independent filmmaker, she has developed a multi-faceted skills set which includes directing, editing, and cinematography. At this time, Jetter describes herself "as jack of all trades planning to master each and every one” and wishes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.







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